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LGBT customers are everywhere and you can build your businessfrom this USD$211 billion market.


Knowledge is power: the Learn.LGBT program unlocks this valuable market for your business — and gives your team the insights they need to deliver outstanding service to LGBT customers.


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What Customers Say ?

About Learn.lgbt

It should go without saying that LGBT customers prefer to buy from businesses that understand them well and treat them with equal respect. Yet almost 10% of research respondents experienced poor customer service in the past twelve months — just because they were perceived to be LGBT.

LGBT people become vastly more likely to buy when they know that customer-service people they deal with are well-trained on inclusion and diversity issues.

That is where Learn.LGBT can help.

We work with clients — both online and with in-person workshops — to help customer-service and sales teams discover what motivates LGBT customers: what they fear, what they would like when you serve them and the many ways in which great customer service matters to them.

Learn.LGBT lets your team create not only a satisfied customer, but a loyal one, one who becomes more likely to return - and to send their friends.